Las Tiesas Altas

Guesthouse on naturalistic basis

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Lastiesas Altas is a “Pardina” (small agricultural community in the language of Aragon), consisting of buildings dating from the 17th till the 19th century, a church and two houses situated around a village square with circular paving stones, which are unique for Spain.
The ancient building houses the rural guesthouse as well as the forge, the wine press and the stables. The venue has been restored to its original state and offers tranquility and relaxation as well as the possibility to enjoy home-made lacto-vegetarian dishes.
Leaving the house means walking straight into nature and local history and being surrounded by oak and pine trees and singing birds…
From the garden-terrace you can enjoy views of the Pyrenean Mountains, the Valley of Aisa, Mount Oroel, the River Estarrún and the breathtaking skies.